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Billions in fraud related damages, yearly
Millions suffer from online theft
People worldwide fall victim to identity theft
Key App Features
Continue Access is a complete privacy solution.
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Ad Blocking for Smoother Browsing

Fight off annoying static and dynamic ads, enhancing your browsing experience with Continue Access.

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Secure Connections with VPN Gateways

Enjoy secure browsing, shopping, streaming, and socializing with Continue Access's wide range of VPN connection options worldwide.

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Protects Your Digital Identity

Continue Access prevents fingerprinting attempts, keeping your web habits and personal information safe from data miners and hackers.

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Encrypted Login Credentials

Safeguard your login credentials in a secure digital vault, encrypting them and keeping them safe from criminals.

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Proactive Personal Information Protection

Identify exposed personal information promptly and take immediate action to address any vulnerabilities.

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Defends Against Webcam and Microphone Hacking

Block malicious attempts to hack your webcams and microphones, ensuring the privacy of your home life.

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Comprehensive Malware Protection

Shield your computer from viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, trojans, and more with the powerful protection of Continue Access.

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Block Unwanted Tracking Cookies

Automatically block suspicious or potentially malicious cookies to protect your privacy while browsing.

Take Control of Your Digital Privacy with Continue Access

Shield Your Family from Identity Theft and Online Threats. Experience Unmatched Protection and Peace of Mind.

Don't Play Games With Your Digital Privacy

Experience peace of mind and take control of your private life with Continue Access. Safeguard all of your devices today.

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Android, iOS, Mac & Windows.

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One app is all you need to keep threats away.

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